Ready for team booking

Signups are open (THANK YOU to the teams that have registered an interest). Team signups will CLOSE 1 week before the event – the 24th of September. This is a hard date to ensure we can get our GPS details booked in. We will accept some team changes after the date, but teams must be accepted BEFORE then.

I will try and keep this simple but hold onto your hat; this next bit you may need to read carefully. One of the hardest jobs we have in the run-up to the event is to work out exactly who is entering. If you follow the instructions below, this will make our job much much simpler. I mean, SO much easier sorry if this post is a bit complicated. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I will answer.

Leaders, when your teams are completed, please click the validate button. This will apply all the rules from the event to ensure that the team application is fully validated. We are still not making online payments, so when your team is successfully validated, click on the ‘mark payment’ button, and you can see all our bank details. If the team is valid, it will also helpfully tell you how much to pay. On the mark payment form, indicate how much you have paid and click save. This will poke us (with a blunt stick) to find your payment and mark the team as submitted (i.e. the team is ready to rock, and we will expect them at the start line!). If you enter multiple teams, please mark payment for them all. Use a sensible payment reference to tie the payments back to team entries. This will mean we don’t have to spend a load of time in the weeks before the event chasing to get teams validated and following up with missing details/ payments.

Full details on how the booking in site work are here.

Once teams are submitted, they will be locked, and you won’t be able to make changes. I realise you will likely want to make last-minute changes, and this will be possible (up to a point), but we need to be aware when changes are made to teams that we have accepted into the event to ensure they remain valid.