First Aid

First aid support is provided by EDSFAT, Eastbourne District Scout First Aid Team.  They will provide first aid support for all teams across the entire event.

Eastbourne District Scout First Aid Team (EDSFAT) is a Scout Active Support Team that provides first aid and medical care for Scouting events of all types.  Whist the team’s administrative base is in Eastbourne, it has members from far and wide.
At smaller events, EDSFAT’s attendance may be two or three staff and basic First Aid equipment for an afternoon.  At the other end of the scale, we attend large international camps with thousands of participants.  For these events, EDSFAT will provide a fully equipped medical centre, staffed by a mixture of health care professionals, pre-hospital care staff, first aiders, communications staff and administrators.
For the 2018 Sussex Downsman Hike, EDSFAT will be bringing the team’s ambulances, the communications & control vehicle as well as one of the support vehicles.    This will allow us to provide mobile first aid and ambulance care along the route.