1967 – present

Class B has always been aimed at younger individuals than Class A. To win this class, a team of four (with three walking each section) has to cover approximately 55 miles in the fastest time. It is a very tough Class to win.

Until 2000, all team members had to be under 17½. This was raised to 18 thereafter to fit in with revisions to the Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules document. The rest of the Class B format has remained unchanged since 1967.


10 hours 35 minutes set in 2005 by Pegasus ESU


Year Team Name Team Members Time
2019  Glacier ESU Ethan Sumner Matthew Scholfield Oliver Scholfield Michael Sullivan 13:55
2018 Trident ESU (Woopgons) Kai Robinson Nathan Searle James Yule Dean Bryant 13:45
2017 272 Explorers Callum Jones Austin Munn Fraser Munn Oliver Southall 13:25
2016 Glacier ESU William Cleary Scott Martin Nathan Andrews Jack Richards 14:46
2015 Glacier ESU William Cleary Scott Martin Daniel Coffey Nathan Andrews 14:13
2014 Glacier ESU Matthew Cleary Pavel Fetisov Robert Wilson Ben Foxall 13:23
2013 Glacier ESU Matthew Cleary Pavel Fetisov Robert Wilson Christina Stempt 14:41
2012 Inferno ESU Joshua Cleary Timothy Stempt Samuel Wright Jamie Dimelow 15:36
2011 Tullis ESU Josh Easton Henry Smith Rhiannon Clarke Angus Waters 19:59
2010 Christ’s Hospital ESU Jess Eastwood Adam Jasco Jack Wiles Jess Parks 19:54
2009 Europa Alistair Smith Matthew Baker Ben Kent Alex Case 12:15
2008 Pegasus Explorers Noel Moorhouse Richard Fitton Richard Tyler Jack Gladdish 13:35
2007 Pegasus James Bailey Max Stocker Ben Moyse Ashley Dale 11:35
2006 Mallory Boys Jack Stanisstreet Edward Bennett Christian Morris Stephen Wrathall 14:01
2005 Pegasus ESU Russell Dale Derrick Foster Chris Ansell James Bailey 10:35
2004 Ashdown District (Mallory) ESU Harry Spinks Jack Stanisstreet David Wilson Christian Morris 11:56
2003 Ashdown Forest (Mallory) ESU Harry Spinks Adam Baldock Jack Stanisstreet Philip Golding 13:36
2002 Ashdown District (Mallory) ESU Kevin Mears Russell Paisey Sam Thompson Harry Spinks 14:31
2001 Not contested
2000 4th Uckfield Martin Reid Sam Thompson Adrian Sandells Sam Jenkins 14:44
1999 Harveys VSU Keith Samphier Peter Davis Paul Booker James Reynolds 15:47
1998 No winner
1997 29th Brighton VSU D Eastwood M Enticknap A Griffiths M Parfitt 13:41
1996 29th Brighton VSU P Howard S Howard A Griffiths M Parfitt 12:30
1995 4th Worth C Chapman N Gough G Thompson J Bennett 18:30
1994 29th Brighton VSU P Howard S Howard J Parfitt M Seymour 13:37
1993 8th Burgess Hill VSU T Sadler D Knight M Wooden S Wooden 16:22
1992 29th Brighton VSU J Howard I Reeve D Parfitt M Roberts 12:19
1991 4th Uckfield S Audsley A Coates T Collins N Harker 11:56
1990 4th Uckfield G Macfarlane T Collins N Harker P Rowlands 11:28
1989 1st Lewes K Chapman M Shakoori P Sanders I Salvage 12:22
1988 1st Lewes N Duc P Salvage C Hebborn M Shakoori 11:27
1987 1st Lewes N Blake N Duc S Fuller P Salvage 12:18
1986 1st Lewes G Campbell S Fuller R Salvage A Penfold 11:48
1985 1st Lewes G Campbell M Haley A Penfold P Willis 12:13
1984 1st Copthorne Matterhorn D Lusted J Green P Penfold J Fenton 14:52
1983 Harveys VSU Allister Bell Richard Griffin Michael Churchyard Clive Packham 13:20
1982 1st Lewes M Plimmer J Duc J Botting S Funnell 13:03
1981 42nd Brighton (Saltdean) L Briginshaw S Mudd T Butler A Coghlan 11:36
1980 Christ’s Hospital VSU I P Anderson M C M Bricknell M N Cullingford J D Keeley 10:40
1979 Harveys VSU Paul Byers Tony Radmall Simon Russell Richard Sullivan 12:31
1978 1st Lewes (1264) VSU J Burrell J Clifford M Burrell R Jaywant 13:07
1977 Christ’s Hospital VSU R Carmichael J Dye S Freebody P Penman 11:04
1976 Christ’s Hospital VSU R Carmichael A Fenn P Penman T Stansfeld 11:44
1975 42nd Brighton S Early A Lievens D Coleby N Marshall 11:45
1974 Downsway Unit 14/15 Brighton W Ducharme D Leeves R Oglieve J Potter
1973 1st Hassocks Greensands VSU R Parkinson N Urban C Backshaw D Collier
1972 15th Brighton Scouts W Ducharme G Henderson D Wheeler R Oglieve 11:57
1971 4th Worth I Dickson N Adams R Bradstock A Dickson
1970 4th Worth I Dickson N Adams A Dickson G Mitchell 12:15
1969 Martletts Brighton VSU M Salter G Bowers R Wickens D Manley 12:42
1968 1st Southwick D Press D Jackson S Watson R Hampton
1967 20/54th Brighton J Cobbett M Crosswaite I Davis I Weller 14:51