1983 – present

To win this class, a team of four (with three walking each section) has to cover approximately 25 miles in the fastest time.

Originally, the route was from Steyning Bowl to Littlington, a distance of approximately 40 miles. In 2003, the route was changed and considerably shortened to run from Bignor to Devil’s Dyke (25 miles). The maximum age was also reduced at this time to 14 years 6 months to reflect the changes made in POR at that time.

In 2015, the route was changed again to the current format.  Once again in 2018 the route was adjusted, the distance was maintained but moved east to simplify road crossings.  In addition rules around running were clarified with a new award, the pegasus plate, being offered to the team that completed in the fastest time without running.


7 hours 31 minutes set in 2018 by 4th Uckfield

RECORD PRE 2015- 2018

5 hours 48 minutes set in 2017 by Challengers (Mid Sussex)


2003 – 2014 (Bignor Hill to Devil’s Dyke – 25 miles)

4 hours 42 minutes set in 2008 by 4th Uckfield

1983 – 2002 (Steyning Bowl to Littlington – 40 miles)

6 hours 45 minutes set in 1990 by 4th Uckfield


Year Team Name Team Members  Time
2018 4th Uckfield (Phoenix) Daniel Gooch Lydia Munn Jayden Burgess Holly Hamilton-Andrews 07:31
2018 – Walking 1st Lindfield Isaac Shannon Will Spensley Nathan Deo Kiran Fitzpatrick 07:48
2017 Challengers (Mid Sussex) Tom Spensley Harvey Alcock Jo Freire-Lucaces Tom Shannon 05:48
2016 1st Haywards Heath James Yule Maddie Peers Alex Wilmore Archie Chisholm 06:03
2015 4th Uckfield Phoenix Toby Izzard Will Isted Jess Molesworth Austin Munn 06:38
2014 4th Uckfield Phoenix Rowan Standing Will Isted Fraser Munn Austin Munn 05:16
2013 1st Roffey Owen Duda India Belfield Heather Lindfield Kirsty Silvester 05:59
2012 4th Uckfield Phoenix Jack Hunter Megan Newman Amelia Warren Fraser Munn 06:26
2011 7th Burgess Hill Andrew Sullivan Catherine Wooller Richard Bliss Bob Wilson 05:30
2010 1st St Leonards Forest (Powell) Oliver Allen Martin Furepa Simon Ashman William Alford 05:12
2009 4th Uckfield (Phoenix) Karl Morris William Baker Alasdair Ross Rachel Moisan 05:43
2008 4th Uckfield Luke Dunne William Baker Charlotte Dunne Karl Morris 04:42
2007 4th Uckfield (Holy Cross) Harry Jarvis Josh Mower Ben Critchley Luke Dunne 05:11
2006 1st St Leonards Forest Powell Stephen Allen Tom Holford Nick Fincham Jack Gladdish 05:13
2005 1st St Leonards Forest Powell / Chris Stocker Tom Holford Tom Ansell James Naylor 05:23
1st Crowborough (Tie) Andrew Mason Ross Piper Callum McKell Christy McGowen
2004 1st St Leonards Forest Powell James Bailey Ashley Dale Matthew Fincham Ben Moyse 04:59
2003 4th Uckfield (Phoenix) Scout Group Chloe Williams Christian Morris Clive Spinks Oliver Thorogood 05:27
2002 4th Uckfield (Phoenix) Scout Troop P Golding A Baldock A Porter D Cox 10:48
2001 Not contested
2000 4th Uckfield 09:16
1999 4th Uckfield Richard Freeman Oliver Driscoll Sam Jenkins Sam Thompson 07:57
1998 4th Uckfield 06:54
1997 4th Uckfield 07:39
1996 4th Uckfield 06:51
1995 4th Uckfield 06:56
1994 2nd Durrington / 4th Uckfield (Tie) 07:50
1993 4th Uckfield 07:24
1992 4th Uckfield 08:34
1991 4th Uckfield 08:05
1990 4th Uckfield 06:45
1989 4th Uckfield 06:54
1988 4th Uckfield 07:18
1987 1st Lewes 07:27
1986 4th Uckfield 07:11
1985 4th Uckfield 07:37
1984 1st Lewes 07:45
1983 1st Lewes 08:21