1983 – present

To win this class, a team of four (with three walking each section) has to cover approximately 25 miles in the fastest time.

Originally, the route was from Steyning Bowl to Littlington, a distance of approximately 40 miles. In 2003, the route was changed and considerably shortened to run from Bignor to Devil’s Dyke (25 miles). The maximum age was also reduced at this time to 14 years 6 months to reflect the changes made in POR at that time.

In 2015, the route was changed again to the current format.  Once again in 2018 the route was adjusted, the distance was maintained but moved east to simplify road crossings.  In addition rules around running were clarified with a new award, the pegasus plate, being offered to the team that completed in the fastest time without running.


6 hours 39 minutes set in 2019 by 4th Uckfield

RECORD PRE 2015- 2018

5 hours 48 minutes set in 2017 by Challengers (Mid Sussex)


2003 – 2014 (Bignor Hill to Devil’s Dyke – 25 miles)

4 hours 42 minutes set in 2008 by 4th Uckfield

1983 – 2002 (Steyning Bowl to Littlington – 40 miles)

6 hours 45 minutes set in 1990 by 4th Uckfield


YearTeam NameTeam Members Time
2019 4th Uckfield (Phoenix)Oliver GoochLydia MunnDaniel GoochHolly Hamilton-Andrews06:39
2019 – Walking 1st Burgess Hill Walsh Green TeamElliot StokesIzzy AnthonyOliver DouglasLewis Howard07:22
20184th Uckfield (Phoenix)Daniel GoochLydia MunnJayden BurgessHolly Hamilton-Andrews07:31
2018 – Walking1st LindfieldIsaac ShannonWill SpensleyNathan DeoKiran Fitzpatrick07:48
2017Challengers (Mid Sussex)Tom SpensleyHarvey AlcockJo Freire-LucacesTom Shannon05:48
20161st Haywards HeathJames YuleMaddie PeersAlex WilmoreArchie Chisholm06:03
20154th Uckfield PhoenixToby IzzardWill IstedJess MolesworthAustin Munn06:38
20144th Uckfield PhoenixRowan StandingWill IstedFraser MunnAustin Munn05:16
20131st RoffeyOwen DudaIndia BelfieldHeather LindfieldKirsty Silvester05:59
20124th Uckfield PhoenixJack HunterMegan NewmanAmelia WarrenFraser Munn06:26
20117th Burgess HillAndrew SullivanCatherine WoollerRichard BlissRobert Wilson05:30
20101st St Leonards Forest (Powell)Oliver AllenMartin FurepaSimon AshmanWilliam Alford05:12
20094th Uckfield (Phoenix)Karl MorrisWilliam BakerAlasdair RossRachel Moisan05:43
20084th UckfieldLuke DunneWilliam BakerCharlotte DunneKarl Morris04:42
20074th Uckfield (Holy Cross)Harry JarvisJosh MowerBen CritchleyLuke Dunne05:11
20061st St Leonards Forest PowellStephen AllenTom HolfordNick FinchamJack Gladdish05:13
20051st St Leonards Forest Powell /Chris StockerTom HolfordTom AnsellJames Naylor05:23
1st Crowborough (Tie)Andrew MasonRoss PiperCallum McKellChristy McGowen
20041st St Leonards Forest PowellJames BaileyAshley DaleMatthew FinchamBen Moyse04:59
20034th Uckfield (Phoenix) Scout GroupChloe WilliamsChristian MorrisClive SpinksOliver Thorogood05:27
20024th Uckfield (Phoenix) Scout TroopP GoldingA BaldockA PorterD Cox10:48
2001Not contested
20004th Uckfield09:16
19994th UckfieldRichard FreemanOliver DriscollSam JenkinsSam Thompson07:57
19984th Uckfield06:54
19974th Uckfield07:39
19964th Uckfield06:51
19954th Uckfield06:56
19942nd Durrington / 4th Uckfield (Tie)07:50
19934th Uckfield07:24
19924th Uckfield08:34
19914th Uckfield08:05
19904th Uckfield06:45
19894th Uckfield06:54
19884th Uckfield07:18
19871st Lewes07:27
19864th Uckfield07:11
19854th Uckfield07:37
19841st Lewes07:45
19831st Lewes08:21