Service Crew


Service Crews play a vital role within their team, moral boosting, running repairs, providing food and drink, transportation of most (if not all) team members to & from the start & finish locations and in Classes B, E & S, to transport the resting team-mate between Service Areas.

The logistics of arranging Service Crews can be quite challenging, particularly so for Classes B, E & S, whereby safeguarding rules mandate that there must not be a ratio of 1:1, adult to young person. Consequently, when transporting the resting team-mate between Service Areas in Classes B, E & S, there must be a minimum of 3 people in the service vehicle to include at least one DBS checked adult. Please note that Class B, E & S teams really enjoy their rest sections and the debating of who will rest at any given stage. Hence, the need to overcome the logistics to keep this popular format unchanged.

Please carry spare dry sets of clothing for all team members and blankets etc.

Having a service crew in the Open Class is optional. However, please consider that it is great to have a service crew in support of your team. If opting out, please ensure that your team carries with them all of the drinks and refreshments that they’ll need for the entire distance of the hike.

For Service Crew rules, please click on the Rules tab, then Service crew, or click here

The Waghorne Trophy

The “Waghorne Trophy” will be presented to a service crew who the organisers decide are the most deserving of recognition. Anyone can nominate any Service Crew for this trophy. Please text your nominations, with a reason, to +44 7500 110 338 before 1000 on Sunday following the event.