CLASS C – Now Defunct


1972 – 2014

Class C was introduced in 1972 to provide a continuation event to those who had competed in Classes A and B, but were now too old. Originally, there was a minimum age limit, but this was removed in 2004. To win this class, a team of three has to cover as much of the route as possible in 15 hours, commencing at Buriton.

When the Buriton start was removed in 2015, this class was removed from the event.


Eastbourne in 14 hours 54 minutes set in 2006 by Thrust Scout Fellowship



Team Name

Team Members




272 Explorers Jasper Wells Chris Bonnick Ben Sharp Black Cap 15:28
2013 1st Burgess Hill Josh Cleary Josh Brown Martin Cleary Pyecombe 15:36
2012 1st Hassocks / 1st Cheddington Keith Waller Brian Spencer Jo Jones Devils Dyke 15:13
2011 Europa Ben Kent Tony Radmall Alistair Smith Falmer 15:34
2010 Thrust Scout Fellowship Matthew Allen Derrick Foster Christopher Ansell Falmer 15:03
2009 Excelsior ESU & Arctic Fox ESU Zoe Chartres Heather Jeffery Matthew Farrant Upper Beeding 15:41
2008 Thrust Derrick Foster Ashley Dale Matthew Allen Falmer 15:00
2007 2nd Ifield Fellowship Mark Bartlet Lee Locke Drew Locke Pyecombe 15:12
2006 Thrust Scout Fellowship Allan Clarke Dan Stuart Peter Adams Eastbourne 14:54
2005 Thrust Scout Fellowship Allan Clarke Alan Hansen Dan Stuart Littlington 15:01
2004 Pegasus VSU Keith Dave King Stuart Garman Firle 15:06
2003 Thrust Scout Fellowship Allan Clarke Peter Adams Dan Stuart Firle 15:00
2002 Pegasus VSU David Hatton Keith Moss Dave King Mill Hill 15:00
2001 Not contested
2000 Thrust Scout Fellowship Keith Moss Neil Phillips Allan Clark Newmarket 15:13
1999 Pegasus VSU Keith Moss David Hatton Russell Jones Firle 15:01
1998 Thrust Scout Fellowship Neil Phillips Allan Clark Dave King Mill Hill 15:03
1997 Brighton Scout Fellowship Davey P Jonny V Steve O Mill Hill 15:47
1996 Thrust Scout Fellowship Neil Phillips C McKinty Dave King Mill Hill 15:05
1995 New Anzac VSU A Hinton G Hinton A Philipson Newmarket 15:10
1994 Pegasus Power David Hatton Dave King D McKinty Itford 15:00
1993 4th Uckfield D Munn A Gibbard K Ediss Castle Hill 15:03
1992 4th Uckfield D Munn G MacFarlane K Ediss Mill Hill 15:00
1991 Batttersea Power R Jones M Essex David Hatton Itford 15:00
1990 1st Lewes N Blake J Botting R Sanders Itford 15:20
1989 Battersea Power R Jones L Kidd M Essex Jevington 15:31
1988 Battersea Power R Jones L Kidd M Saunders Firle 15:00
1987 1st Lewes S Funnell J Duc J Botting Mill Hill 15:20
1986 12/14 Battersea R Jones L Kidd M Saunders Itford 15:00
1985 West Side, Battersea R Jones L Kidd M Saunders Littlington 15:10
1984 West Side, Battersea R Jones L Kidd M Saunders Firle 15:01
1983 Battersea Scout Fellowship R Jones D Payne P Saunders Littlington 16:14
1982 Copthorne S Holmes V Sandys D Wright Mill Hill 15:00
1981 1st Goring C Lowe M Skilton P Gosden Firle 15:00
1980 Harveys VSU Adrian Bell Andrew Blain Phil Churchyard Firle 15:49
1979 Rustington VSU G Burridge B Clark C Harvey Itford 15:31
1978 West Side, Battersea R Jones P Saunders P Snook Itford 15:14
1977 Harveys VSU Andrew Blain Keith Stenning Alan Stenning Pyecombe 15:36
1976 Downsway VSU, Brighton D Howell D Lowrie M Barnham Falmer 15:04
1975 Six Legged Chicken, Brighton R Thatcher M Early J Cranmer Falmer 15:00
1974 No winner
1973 1st Southwick D Jackson E Pentecost K Needham
1972 Six Legged Chicken, Brighton R Thatcher P Wright J Cranmer Itford 16:01
1971 12th/14thBattersea Westside Richard Davis Stephen Hill David Firth Falmer