Rules: Tally Card

Each team will be given a Tally Card at their start point for the hike. Teams must ensure that their Tally Card is presented and clipped at each Checkpoint and Service Area reached en-route. Failure to obtain a valid clip at a Checkpoint or Service Area will result in the team having to back-track to obtain the clip, or a time penalty at the discretion of the organisers. A lost Tally Card may result in disqualification.

Three team members must book in at ALL Checkpoints (complete team for Downsman Open) and the complete team at ALL Service Areas. Teams will not be allowed to continue past any Checkpoint or Service Area if they are unable to produce their tally card for any reason.

The Tally Card must be handed to the relevant Checkpoint or Service Area staff when retiring from or completing the hike.

Penalties may be given to any team failing to get their card clipped.

After the presentation of awards, tally cards may be returned to the teams.