Signups are now open for this year’s downsman!!!

Once again PLEASE PLEASE can you get your entries in as early as possible even if they are incomplete! It helps us a lot if we can get an idea of the number of teams we can expect and having had a few very strange years we really have no clue.

Would like to apologise for the weather last year, this year we have paid for the upgraded package and have selected nicer weather so that’s nice.

  • The signup page is here and instructions on how to use it are here. Please do read the instructions in particular about team submission. The weeks before the hike are crazy busy with lots of last-minute alterations. This year I will leave the page open for longer for you to make changes, however, I will be quite strict on requiring teams to be ‘submitted’ to be considered entered.
  • For you long-timers be aware there were a couple of rule changes last year, Chris wrote about it here.
  • Knowing how excited scout leaders get about risk assessments you can see ours here.

If you are new to Downsman WELCOME, there is loads of information in our blog posts please have a read. We look forward to seeing new and returning folks on the hill.


Downsman Committee