Downsman – What’s New?

There are very few changes to the regular format that we last used in 2019.

Some of the changes include:

Class A – Time allowed to complete the hike has been reduced from 24hrs to 20hrs. This allows us to plan with more certainty given that we can now better predict the time that the event is likely to close. Please note that all recent finishers have completed the hike within 20hrs.

Please also lookout for some updates to the kit list e.g the minimum number of survival/bivi bags has been increased to 2 bags per team.

Not mandatory but, if able, we are asking for the what3words app to be downloaded onto the team mobile phones and for participants to be familiar with it’s use. This would be an additional option to help with search and rescue. The phonetic alphabet chart will be printed on the back of the tally card should the need arise to phonetically spell the words that describe the location. Teams will still carry GPS trackers and their progress will also continue to be monitored in the traditional way with timing sheets at checkpoints.

We are still looking for a handful of volunteers to assist on some checkpoints in West Sussex. And… As the pandemic stubbornly goes on, we would like to request for more volunteers to form a contingency team that could be parachuted in to cover a checkpoint at short notice, should the booked member of staff need to isolate/withdraw. If you are available to help or be on standby, then please could you email Sharon, or click here