We are open (signups that is)

We are pleased (Oh so very pleased) to announce that we are open for signups. NOTE though time is tight to get our GPS tracker order in, in we need to get confirmed orders by 26th of September. So signups will close on the 26th. Signups are open NOW.

NOTE things to know:

  • Signup page is here if you are not sure how to use our signup page checkout the documentation here (but its quite simple). I will write up a post about how to capture and indicate payment in a few days.
  • The event will go ahead under a risk assessment you can see here.
  • PLEASE work out-loud, if you think you may enter a team add it into the signup, you are not committed until you click submit (and even then we can unwind if it goes wrong). This is a REALLY strange year we would really welcome early signs of the amount of teams up to expect.
  • There are a few changes this year (nothing huge) please review this blog post from chris about the details.

If you are new to Downsman WELCOME, there is loads of information in our blog posts please have a read. We look forward to seeing new and returning folks on the hill.


Downsman Committee