Health Forms

The downsman hike is lucky to have support from EDSFAT we talked about this in a prior blog. These guys are first aid professionals which is great should any of our participants need any help we will have support on hand. They have asked for some specific information to help them do their job. This post describes what they need.

Can you ensure the signup page contains the following information in the medical information block:

  • Does the scout suffer from allergies.
  • Has the scout been in contact with any infectious illnesses in the last few months.
  • Is the scout receiving any medical treatments.

If you have any problems adding this information to the form then contact us and we will help.

In addition can you complete a separate permission form and bring it to checkin. This form will need to be signed by a parent or guardian and gives permission for EDSFAT to administer first aid as required. The team number on the form will be added when you checkin.