Remember Remember Signups will Close Soon!

As we communicated to you previously signups will close earlier than in prior years. Last year the last few weeks before the hike were … exciting! Lots of spread sheet wrangling as we tried to get the teams all in shape. Signups will close on September 26th – just over 2 weeks away! EEK! This is to support our ability to correctly predict numbers as we are going to provide trackers for all teams.

Now we recognise that things do change, so if you have to make changes to team make up AFTER that date we will be super flexible to help. The important thing though is that we understand how many teams are going to be entered, the ask to you then is to get the teams entered into the signup app, make sure they are valid and ensure that payment is made before the 26th. On the 26th the signup app will be frozen and changes will need to be made by contacting us directly.

Any questions or concerns please drop a mail to or use the contact us page. Please also remember if you have some spare time we really need your help at checkpoints, if you have time drop us a mail or the contact us page. Checkout this post to get an idea of what jobs are open.