Downsman 2021 – Update

We made the difficult decision today to cancel the event due to the prevailing weather. Not an easy decision but we believe it to be the right one. We loved seeing all teams out on the hill hiking again, such a pity that we had to end the event early. Massive thanks to the teams, service crews, parents & leaders who adjusted their plans to accommodate the consequences of the cancellation. Also a big shout out to all of the support staff, Checkpointers, 4×4 Recovery and Hill Walking Search & Recovery teams, Eastbourne District First Aid Team (EDSFAT), Logistics Team, Plumpton Hike HQ and my fellow Committee Members. All of which worked collaboratively and efficiently to safely close the event in a controlled manner. It was a huge task and to simply say thank you falls short of the appreciation you deserve, well done. There will not be an awards ceremony tomorrow, however, all teams that started will receive their medals and Downsman blanket badges. Committee members are happy to come to groups/ESU’s to award the medals or we can send in the post if you’d prefer (leaders will be contacted shortly). Thanks again to everyone involved, it was an outstanding effort.

Many thanks