Some rule updates for 2020

Even if you already have please take a quick look over the rules you can find them on our web site we have made a few adjustments to ensure we can run this event safely.

I draw your attention to some noticeable recent changes. These are all document in the rules, in more detail than here.

Each group will need to submit a risk assessment approved by the relevant line manager (this is an activity risk assessment NOT the COVID assessment that we all have to complete). We will be in touch to show how this works with information sent to the email in the sign up.

We have setup a facebook page that should be used to indicate teams have started and finished their hike. We will have a hotline for any team that cannot access this page. This is to ensure that we know who is hiking and can confirm they have finished safely.

Be aware that while downsman is an organised event, all teams will be hiking under the supervision of the relevent leaders. In the event of any incident the usual purple card procedure should be followed. Details will be sent to the sign up email.