Sign ups 2020

As we announced yesterday Downsman is back (sort of) this year. Here is the sign up information we are not asking for too much. Please review the rules remember if you have multiple TEAMS walking they will need to have different start locations. Team size however is limited by your own risk assessment and COVID guidelines. To confirm there is no cost to enter this year.

If you want to make an amendment keep a copy of the link that is shown to you at the end OR mail and we will sort things out for you.

If you do want to enter more than one team feel free to put all the info on one form.

If you dont have all the info yet thats totally fine, just drop a form in with what you do know. Just get it all filled in ASAP so we can validate start location and routes. Start locations will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you want devils dyke SUBMIT EARLY!

Sign up HERE