Funny shaped balls

I had to give this blog a title, so there it is.

I’m at Horsham Rugby Club for the first time in what seems like ages, having brought my 16 year old lump of a son here for pre-season training. Fortunately it’s a lovely evening and I’m happy to sit here, with a can of something fizzy and a packet of crisps, whilst Harvey runs around for a couple of hours chasing funny shaped balls.

Being here for training, in spite of it being a pleasant evening, is a clear sign that we are over the hump of summer. It also means the Downsman Hike is only around the corner: 37 days away, in fact, as I write this.

Whilst 37 days isn’t really that imminent, it does kind of feel it, especially when, from my own perspective there are other ‘big’ events happening: my daughter is going off to the Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester, my son will be starting at sixth form college in Brighton, I start a new job on Monday.

These events will be like stepping stones to Downsman and suddenly it will be here.

I’ve no doubt that you Leaders and parents, especially those parents who are Leaders, have similar changes going on in your own lives.

All of the above is really a preamble to me saying that this year we will be giving a Downsman badge to competitors, participants and service crew members.

I could have just gone straight in with that bits of news, but a single sentence would have seemed – and been – a bit, well, brief.

Here is an image of the badge.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

All the best

Dave Hays