2019 Signups are now OPEN!!!!

You heard it we are open, happy summer!

With great pleasure we are opening up signups, click here to enter your teams. The site is very similar to last years so the instructions I posted last year may help you navigate. Any question drop a line to web@downsman.com or ask on our facebook group.

A Plea

We want this to be a tool that makes your life easier, if you have any feature requests or suggestions please drop us an e-mail or use the feedback form on the web site. We would ask you not to leave registering teams until the last minute we would like to be able to gauge interest so feel free to add partial teams as you think you need them. The signup pages are designed to allow you to evolve your signup over time. You can ALWAYS remove teams and you can create teams with no members and fill them in later.

If you have not already checkout this blog post from our beloved leader Chris which highlights some of the changes that are happening this year. The idea is to make the event even more inclusive with additional starting locations for open teams.

All data from last years hike was removed directly after the hike including all leader contact information, so you will have to register again. We do ask for a little bit of contact information from the leaders managing the team. This information will only be used to contact you regarding the event and will be removed once the event has finished. It will never be shared with any third parties.


We are still not processing online payments at this time, we may get that working next year. Thus as last year please pass money over by bank transfer, if you click pay on the site enter how much you intend to pay and note the bank details are recorded on the site. If your team is valid then the site will indicate how much you should pay, don’t worry if its not you will just have todo the maths yourself. Once we receive payment this will be recorded in the site and you can submit your teams.

I hope actually doing this is easier than trying to explain it!


As I said last year! This is new software we will make updates, over time.  If we need to make an update the software may stop working for a short time.   This should be no more than a few minutes.   So if you can’t get access, just try back shortly.  If we have an outage of more than a few minutes we will let you know via the website and Facebook.   Let’s be positive though – that is NOT going to happen!