2018 Results

So Downsman 2018 is now finished,  what will we do with our lives now?  Oh that’s right we can start planning Downsman 2019!

What an event 2018 was,  lots of weather lots of learning.   A huge congratulations to all teams that took part this was a really challenging year.  Special congratulations to teams that set records in such testing times.

Special thanks to EDSFAT and the 4×4 teams for providing close support during the event,  glad to have you looking out for our participants.

The results have been posted on the website, full set of split timings can be seen here.   The first tab shows the GPS timing data, this may be a little different to what you are used too in that the timings will be from when teams ARRIVE at a CP.    The second tab shows the open class split timings.

We would love to take feedback about how you thought the event worked (or did not) positive or negative feedback is very welcome.   Please use the feedback form here don’t leave feedback on facebook.

From all the Downsman Committee, enjoy your winter and start preparing for the overland we will be there, hope you will be too!    See you all next year!