Update on tracking

Old compass on wooden tableKeeping our hikers safe is an important part of the planning for the Downsman, last year we had 50 or so teams of 3 – 6 people spread over the Downs.  We are supported by EDSFAT who provide first aid support. You can see more info about the great services they provide here.

This year we have taken the step to introduce GPS trackers, having taken advice from other scouting colleagues who run the overland hike (do sign up, it’s in March next year and is great fun!) We have decided that all competitive teams and any Open Class teams without an adult will be given a tracking device, so that we can see the location of teams in real time!

Please do take care of these trackers on the hike, if they are lost or damaged then the hike team will be liable for the cost of replacement.

Particular shout out to support vehicles, please be careful to ensure that the tracker stays with the hikers.   We do not want to track scouts traveling in your vehicle!