2020 Equipment

Leader must ensure that full kit list is carried by all teams and is augmented with PPE as mandated by the rules to support a covid safe hike. This clearly cannot be checked by downsman staff, so responsibility for kit check is with team leaders as they set teams off.


This kit list represents the list of the minimum equipment needed to take part in the hike.

If you have any doubt as to whether your clothing or equipment complies with the rules, then find something that you know will be acceptable. You may not agree with the rules but they are there for your protection and for the protection of others.

Whilst every effort will be made to make the application of the rules as fair as possible, competitors are reminded that their attitude and conduct should be governed by the Laws of the Scout and Guide movements.


Each team member must wear the following –

  • Full length trousers made of quick drying material. Strictly no denim or jeans
  • Shirt with sleeves (i.e. not a vest)
  • Thermal Layer (i.e. fleece or sweater)
  • High Visibility or fluorescent top. To be worn at all times. High visibility with reflective strips to be worn after dusk or in poor visibility
  • Good quality hiking boots with ankle support.


Each team member must carry (or wear as relevent)

  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams
  • Waterproof coat with taped seams
  • Thermal hat
  • Thermal gloves
  • Spare sweater or fleece
  • Rucksack, with high visibility reflective strips prominently placed
  • Rucksack liner or dry bag or thick plastic bag i.e. rubble sack, for dry storage spare clothing
  • Drink bottles, each person must carry sufficient quantity of cold drink (no high caffeine drinks)


The team should carry the following equipment distributed between participants, each participant should know who is carrying what.

  • Bivi Bag or survival bag, sufficient to support team size.
  • Flask with cup containing hot drink (min 500ml) refilled as required during hike.
  • 2x whistles
  • 2x OS Maps 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scale full maps, to cover whole route, not photocopies (one set required for open class)
  • 2x Compass
  • Fully charged battery pack suitable to recharge both emergency phones with appropriate connections.
  • Emergency Food, 225g of boiled sweets or chocolate
  • Phone to support tracking requirements
  • Phone to enable emergency contact (not to be used for tracking) ensure that means are put in place that this phone will not run out of charge. This could be by having a second phone turned off. This is at the oversight of the leaders to support their own contact with the team in an emergency.
  • Bags to keep phones dry.
  • Bootlace for tally card (note that a Tally Card will not be issued for 2020 but bootlace should still be carried in best tradition of Downsman)


The team should carry a first aid kit that contains at least the following.

  • 3” x 6ft (75mm x 2m) crepe bandage
  • Lint dressing
  • Micropore tape (sufficient to secure a bandage)
  • 2x Triangular slings
  • Assorted plasters
  • 2x antiseptic wipes
  • Emergency card FS120077
  • Pencil
  • Disposable plastic gloves (a minimum of 2 pairs)
  • Resuscitation face shield
  • PLUS PPE as mandated by rules