2012 - present

Class E was introduced in 2010 to create a step between Classes S and B, which had been identified as daunting to the young Scouts. To win this class, a team of four (with three walking each section) has to cover approximately 45 miles in the fastest time.

In 2008, an additional trophy was donated by Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit (the Pegasus Plate) to be presented to the fastest "mixed" team in Class B. However, in 2012, the organisers decided that this would be presented to the fastest team in Class E which included at least two females. Records of any "mixed" teams participating were not held prior to this date.


10 hours 7 minutes set in 2016 by Trident ESU


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Year Team Name Team Members Time
2017 Trident ESU James Nightingale Tommy Henshaw Jessica Daniels Lydia Fisher 11:41
2016 Trident ESU Michael Hill Ellie Cawley Niamh Lingard Hannah Cawley 10:07
2015 Trident ESU Sam Mitchell Dean Bryant Ellie Cawley Hannah Cawley 10:41
2014 No winner
2013 Arctic Fox Hannah Farrant Jess Walters Dan Cox Daniel Farrant 12:58
2012 Europa ESU Dan Kent Nora Westerdijk Laura Chatham Matt Bowld 14:40