1975 - 2009

Class D was a female only competition that was run from 1975 to 2009, after which it became superseded by the Class B mixed trophy and Class E. To win this class, a team of four (with three walking each section) had to cover approximately 30 miles in the fastest time.


7 hours 8 minutes set in 1989 by Harveys Venture Unit


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Year Team Name Team Members Time
2009 2nd Ifield Explorer Scouts Hannah Ford Lauren McLaughlin Alex Agg Georgina Reeve 12:45
2008 Pegasus Emma Bruce Grace West Cara Drake Laura Barrlett-Short 09:47
2007 Pegasus Emma Bruce Grace West Emma Hatton Emma Bailey 10:08
2006 Pegasus ESU Hannah Rotherfield Ellen Davies Hannah Blount Megan Thompson 09:27
2005 Pegasus ESU Hannah Rotherfield Joanne Carter Victoria Welsby Alexandra Agnew 11:35
2004 Ashdown District (Mallory) ESU Harriet Jenkins Jenny Thompson Chloe Williams Harriet Skinner 08:08
2003 No winner
2002 Pegasus VSU R Elphick C Scott H Cullen F Wilson 11:06
2001 Not contested
2000 No winner
1999 Pegasus VSU C Dawes L Cranfield R Scott C Welsby 08:19
1998 Pegasus VSU C Dawes L Cranfield R Scott C Welsby 08:41
1997 Harveys VSU C Dunn Lindsey Davis Helena Wargar-Golds J Barwell 10:28
1996 Harveys VSU Louise Collings Lindsey Davis C Dunn E Wilcox 10:11
1995 29th Brighton VSU S Byrne Louise Collings E Reeve H Twohig 08:40
1994 29th Brighton VSU S Byrne A Machon E Reeve H Twohig 10:36
1993 4th Uckfield Explorer VSU S David C Huxley K Sherlock S Thompson 08:33
1992 1st Lewes VSU E Chandler R Ramsey S Turner A Nunn 10:05
1991 4th Uckfield & Hurst Wickham VSUs I Awan C Huxley K Sherlock K Hamnett 07:35
1990 1st Lewes VSU S Beattie R Chowen J Dyson-Laurie H Billington 07:12
1989 Harveys VSU S Rance Deidre Baker Deborah Saint Sara Riches 07:08
1988 Harveys VSU Deidre Baker Deborah Saint Natasha Oakes F Gibling 07:28
1987 Harveys VSU V Connell Deidre Baker Anita Weaver A Rolfe 07:34
1986 Harveys VSU Sarah Rowland Rachelle Hunter Anita Weaver Kate Hall 07:45
1985 1st Lewes VSU S Elliott S Funnell J Suter S Taylor 07:50
1984 1st Lewes VSU S Funnell J Suter S Taylor S Thain 07:44
1983 1st Lewes VSU J Suter S Elliott S Taylor T Chapman 08:08
1982 1st Lewes VSU S Thain T Chapman S Elliott A Crabtree 08:58
1981 Harveys VSU Elizabeth Hall Jennifer Sanderson Sally Kirby Nicola Baxter 07:15
1980 Prestonvale Ranger/Venture Unit S Street S Newman L Turner S Currell 07:42
1979 Prestonvale Ranger/Venture Unit S Street K Rolf T Jennings A Darling 08:24
1978 42nd Brighton Venture Unit T Early M Early L Drayton J Berry 09:42
1977 42nd Brighton Venture Unit J Berry T Early Z Chapman L Drayton 08:57
1976 West Brighton Downsway Unit K Alderson J Broadbear A Holkham L Marshall 08:04
1975 Southwick Rangers V Maskrey S Houstoun I Dempsey M Weston 13:11